The Schoenrocks

Leon Schoenrock has been farming for 32 years. Over that time, he’s worked to improve his conservation efforts and seen many of his fellow farmers do the same.

“We’re always looking for ways to conserve our water and soil resources,” said Leon, who grows corn and soybeans with his family near New Richland. For Leon, that means following best management practices (BMPs) developed by the University of Minnesota for applying nitrogen fertilizer. Soil testing also helps him apply the proper amount of fertilizer and protect nearby water quality. Grass waterways are planted in highly erodible sections of his fields and conservation tillage is used to reduce erosion and maintain natural organic matter in the soil.

“We’re proud of the steps we take to protect the soil and water,” Leon said. “We’re also active in organizations that try to protect the river and other waterways.”

Meghan Doyle